Alcorn Associates has been serving the needs of the 501(c) community since 1997.

We have hands on, real world experience with the often complex situations faced by 501(c) organizations.  Alcorn Associates is composed of two distinct companies.

Alcorn Law Corporation handles legal matters and is staffed exclusively by Mark D. Alcorn, J.D., M.B.A. and Molly K. Alcorn, J.D.

Alcorn Associates Management Consulting provides consulting, training and speaking services and includes both Mark and Shelly Alcorn, CAE as Principals.

These seperate entities give us the flexibility to work independently or in concert depending on your specific needs.


2.Why Choose Us?

Your mission matters.  So do you, your volunteer leaders and your members.

501(c) non-profit organizations have a unique and important role to fill in our society.  Too often we see success being undermined by lack of vision, petty power struggles and diffused energy.  But there is always hope!  We specialize in helping you overcome, remove or transform those obstacles so you can create a vibrant, purposeful future.

Our philosophy centers on providing innovative, yet practical solutions to our clients.  We can help you navigate between your mission, your governance structure, your members and back again.  Our pledge is to be in your corner, when you need us.

We approach each situation with an eye to the possible.  We listen carefully and ask a lot of questions.  We don't take every client. We won't tell you we can help if we don't think we can.


3.Get Started

  • Legal Services - Full range of services tailored to the non-profit association arena

  • Visionary Tactics - Shaping your strategy to lead your association into the future

  • Speaking - Workshops and keynotes geared to contemporary audiences

  • Book - "42 Rules for Engaging Members Through Gamification"

    White Paper - "Associations, Generation Y and Millennials"

    Research - "Association Executives: Provocative Proposals for Future Change"

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