"I think it is safe to say that for all of us this was a refreshing change from the "normal" strategic planning type of retreat associations normally engage in.  While the process of visioning and planning was a difficult and demanding one, nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without some struggle and adversity.  You moved us through towards final concurrence and agreement on the basic tenets that will guide the society long into the future."
John Orr, CAE, Former President and CEO, North State Building Industry Association

"I know of Shelly’s continued interest in consulting in fields related to association leadership, governance and management development. She brings to the table the qualities of a leader with interest not only in research, but in practical application. Further, she is a trailblazer, innovative thinker, technology wizard, and it is exciting to think of the ways in which she might contribute to other organizations."
Deborah Elam, MS, CAE, Executive Director, San Francisco Dental Society

"Dear Mark - I don't think CRTA would have had a 75th without you!"
Susan Goff, Executive Director, California Retired Teachers Association

"Shelly's consulting breaks through organizational clutter to identify the fundamentals necessary to create healthy, sustainable association communities. She has an extraordinary ability to encourage new beliefs, behaviors and practices that build community consensus toward achievable and measurable goals. She provides an empathetic but action-oriented approach to shedding historic relics and and embracing new strategies to create a more successful future."
John Dane, CAE, Executive Director, CA State Firefighters Association

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“I've known Mark for nearly 20 years and he never fails to impress me with his knowledge of association law and his ability to "cut to the chase" when faced with complex legal issues. The associations I represent and manage frequently retain Mark for his expertise. He's a great lawyer and an insightful long-range planner.”
Carlyle R. "Carl" Brakensiek, Owner/Founder - Advocal

"I still can't hardly believe we did it! I could not have asked for a better outcome! You are awesome!"
Lowell Fennie, Former Chair, Associated Mail and Parcel Centers

"I have used Mark both personally and professionally over the past eight years. Mark has the highest of integrity and is a darn fine attorney as well as a great person. If Mark will accept your case, I highly recommend him!"
Brad Martin, Owner, Subway Truck Parts, Inc.

"Thank you Mark.  You make it easy."
Rick Zawadski, Ph.D., RTZ Associates

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mark many times on situations both easy and carefree as well as on some that were really contentious and high stakes. He has always been a consummate pro. Mark knows his stuff (inside and out) and keeps a pragmatic viewpoint at all times with an eye on what is best for you and your group. You couldn't do much better than Mark!”
Sandra Giarde, CAE, Executive Director, CA Association for the Education of Young Children

"You're the best! Thanks for all your care and support. We are very lucky to have you on our team.  We'd be lost without your talents and guidance."
Sharon Hilke, Executive Director, CA Assn of Licensed Investigators

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"Mark - We had yet another success at our Leadership Conference. We owe this success to your planning and input as speaker for the day.  It was exactly what our board of directors needed to learn."
Elaine Thompson, CCN Pro, Executive Director/CEO, California Association of Nurserymen

"Shelly - Thank you for your terrific communications workshop last week! You were terrific! Lots of great info and advice that I will translate into action at NFIB!"
John Kabateck, Executive Director, NFIB

"Mark is very funny and humble in his presentation style.  He is easy to relate to."
Comment From Session Evaluation - CalSAE Elevate 2010

"Shelly rocks! I wish she was my instructor in college. I would have gotten A's!"
Session Evaluation Comment - CalSAE xPresso Ed Module 1

"Mr. Alcorn was extremely engaging. And this is a topic I knew nothing about so I learned quite a bit."
Session Evaluation Comment - CalSAE Elevate 2009

"Shelly is engaging, knowledgable, honest and real. Very effective. I learned a ton."
Session Evaluation Comment, CalSAE xPresso Ed Module 5

"Mark has a wonderful way of making serious and complicated issues lighthearted - giving us a chance to laugh at ourselves."
Session Evaluation Comment, CalSAE Spring Showcase 2005

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