Your job is one of contrasts.  On the one hand you want simplicity and balance.  On the other you want thoughtful strategy that plays to win.

We don't believe those things are mutually exclusive.  Association staff and volunteer leaders need to find ways to work together that are simple, yet smart.  We believe associations should be looked at holistically and that leadership, governance and vision are inseparable.  From bylaws to vision, strategy to policy and from boardroom to staff retreat your members depend on you to get it right and get things done.

Whether you are working with Alcorn Law Corporation or Alcorn Associates Management Consulting we spend our time asking questions and getting to know you. Using principles of design thinking, we help you cut through the clutter and get down to the things that matter.  In legal terms, we don't speak "lawyer-ese."  In consulting terms, we don't speak "consultant-ese" either.  We believe your goals are best accomplished through straightforward, powerful language and practical techniques.

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The Worst Problems

We have helped our clients face the most difficult problems from litigation, to stolen trade shows, member expulsions, embezzlement, employee terminations, rogue volunteer and/or staff leaders, chapters in revolt and public relations crises.

We don't shy away from unpleasantness or conflict, so long as action is the right thing to do.

If your organization is facing a crisis, let's sit down and review your options.

What We Aren't

We are not an association management company or an interim executive placement service. Should you require assistance from those types of professionals, we will be happy to refer you.


Consulting BannerBig vision, small staff and smaller budget?  Let us help you find affordable ways to get things done. 

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Small Legal BannerExpertise in the full range of legal matters faced by 501(c) organizations, clearly explained and efficiently handled.

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Speaking Banner - SmallHit a high note at your next conference with energetic presentations you can relate to.

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