Any successful event has to build on yesterday with an eye to the future.  Your personal success as a meeting planner depends on our best performance right now. 

We have experienced all facets of meetings and events from planner to presenter to attendee. This gives us certain unique insights into the conference planning process and how we can really help you meet your goals.  Although we do tailor presentations for the audience, we stick with what we know and we won't claim we can "speak on any topic" just to get a slot.

We prefer to speak "with" people, not at people.  We believe interactive learning environments contribute greatly to understanding and retention. Sharing, interactivity and energy are hallmarks of our presentation styles. We do like using music, video and innovative room sets whenever possible. We typically move around the room.

We have booked (and seen) enough speakers to be able to sincerely promise the following: we will read, sign AND return the speaker agreement; we will help you frame our session/keynote appropriately; we will help you co-promote your event if appropriate; we will check in with you when we get onsite; we will not ambush you with large last minute A/V requests; we will show up on time for tech run; we will do our level best not to bore the audience and we swear - we will not stand in one place, back to the audience, reading from a wordy slide.

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Topic List

  • Board Member Orientation
  • Associations and the Law
  • Creating a Compelling Vision
  • The Edupunk Revolution
  • Understanding Generational Issues
  • Design Thinking and Idea Generation
  • Risk Management
  • Silos, Fiefdoms and Turf Wars
  • Making Sense of Emergent Trends
  • LGBT Issues in Your Membership/Workplace
  • Ethics and Responsibility
  • Change Management and Innovation
  • Chapter and Component Relations
  • Play Centered Adult Learning
  • Secrets of Exceptional Executives
  • Surviving the Board Member From Hell
  • Small Staff Dynamics

Speakers Kit

SpeakingYou will have everything you need from us - high-res photos, slides, bios - the works.

Pre-Talk Talk 

Let's TalkPlan to spend a little time with us so we can get to know your audience before we get there.

Special Offer

LCD Projector - Audio Visual EquipmentWe know A/V costs are sky-high.  Before we rule out sound and video - let's talk about other ways to help keep your costs to a minimum.