Alcorn Associates Management Consulting

We know associations are often asked to build bridges - but with little to no cement.  We figure if you have the ideas and the right people - you can make good things happen.

We work with you to create compelling visions and revolutionary outcomes.  Yes, we are consultants but we don't think we are smarter than you or your board.  We have specialized skills, education and expertise to bring to bear on issues but we need you, your staff and your volunteer leaders on board to make it work. Whatever we do together has to be able to live on its own long after we leave.  We won't lose sight of that.

It isn't just about change - it's about the right change. Anybody can make changes. The key is being clear on how much and what type of change, and when. Our services are tailored to your individual circumstances. In most cases, we recommend strategic adjustments designed to strengthen your organization rather than disruptive and sweeping overhauls. However, should the need arise for bold action, we won't hesitate to engage along with you if a collective determination is made that such action is necessary and appropriate.

We like repeat clients, but we don't want to turn you into perpetual clients. Some consultants will bombard you with words like "synergy" and "paradigm" to the point where you get the feeling you are being hypnotized into pouring money down a never-ending-flip-chart-generating drain. Our goal is to help you find and begin the pursuit of your goals, then stand by and assist if you want us to.


  • Vision building
  • Strategic shaping and planning
  • Tactical implementation of vision
  • Governance structure analysis
  • Budget and finance analysis
  • Professional development programming
  • Idea generation
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Policies and procedures audit
  • Chapter and component relationships
  • Change implementation and management
  • Executive coaching
  • Staffing review
  • Communications audit
  • Special projects
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Collaborative Approach

Solving problemsWe don't tell you what to do. We work with you to improve your performance.

Clear Direction

Clear DirectionWe offer advanced philosophy and research applied in a straightforward way.


Crystal ballBecause we don't work alone or in a vacuum, we don't respond to blind RFPs.